In 2020, we gathered customer data leaders for an immersive virtual experience for our first CDP week. We brought it back in 2022 by popular demand. Catch up on insights from Twilio Segment and other industry leaders from CDP Week: Summer Edition to learn the new ways leading companies create outstanding customer experiences with customer data in our evolving world.

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CDP Week: Summer Edition gave industry leaders and analysts in the customer data community a chance to get together to share recent trends, identify challenges, learn from real-life stories, and share ideas for being a successful customer-first company in 2022.

Our immersive virtual panels and sessions from industry leaders covered the topics we've heard are top of mind for our customers, including how to drive return on ad spend (ROAS) in a cookieless world, customer data for retailers and financial services, deep dives into the latest developer toolkit you need to drive the best customer experiences, and more.

We're hoping that you'll walk away with a deeper understanding of:

  • How to get ahead of the impact of third-party cookies going away by the end of 2023
  • Ideas for engaging customers through omnichannel strategies and data-driven personalization
  • Actionable plans to apply customer data strategies within your organization
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Bozoma Saint John

Marketing Executive, Author & Entrepreneur

Ted Chi

Digital Marketing Executive

Jeff Lawson

CEO, Twilio

Elena Donio

President of Revenue, Twilio

Eyal Manor

Chief Product Officer, Twilio

Joyce Kim

CMO, Twilio

Gerry Murray

Research Director, Marketing and Sales Technology, IDC

Ruxanda Wehr

Product Partnerships Manager - Signals, Meta

Tess Mercer

Head of Marketing Ops, Box

Hunter Medney

Chief Architect, Growth and Ecosystem Data Services, IBM

Josh Hicks

Director, Marketing Operations, Cloudera

Victoria Hammond

SVP, Marketing, World Finance

Steve Davito

GM, Data & Growth Platform, Twilio Segment

Jodi Alperstein

GM, Twilio Segment

Kathryn Murphy

GM & VP of Twilio Engage, Twilio Segment

Ramsay Shiells

Tech Lead, BrewDog PLC

Meir Amiel

SVP, Data & Growth Platform - R&D, Twilio

Katrina Wong

VP Marketing, Twilio Segment

Ferruccio Balestreri

Co-Founder and CTO,

Taylor Cronk

CRM Lead, Orchard

Kevin Gammariello

VP, Product Analytics & Engagement, Suzy

George Chen

AVP Professional Services, Twilio Segment

For Business Leaders

Knowing your customer is the key to delivering an exceptional customer experience. At CDP Week, companies that have executed personalized digital experiences while still maintaining privacy standards will be sharing their tips for success.

In our targeted sessions we’ll be conversing with other business leaders about data and the future of customer engagement, we’ll review insights from this year’s State of Personalization Report, and examine the leading role of first-party data in customer-first privacy efforts.

Look for sessions with

Business Leaders

For Developers

As a developer, you know how much technical work can be involved in properly collecting, cleaning, unifying, and analyzing data. Activating data can be even more difficult, especially if you need to create custom solutions for your company’s very unique business case while collaborating with cross-functional teams.

We will be hosting developer-focused sessions that showcase how Twilio Segment customers are customizing and extending the platform to meet their organization’s specific needs.

Look for sessions with


Agenda by day

Executive Kickoff

Join Jeff Lawson for Opening Remarks

June 21, 12pm EDT | 9am PDT

Twilio CEO, Jeff Lawson welcomes attendees to CDP Week: Summer Edition, celebrates the success of businesses handling digital transformation, and gives an update on the three big trends causing a shift to first-party data.

Business LeadersSpecial Guest

Keynote: Bozoma Saint John on Leading with Resilience and Innovation

June 21, 12:15pm EDT | 9:15am PDT

Join fireside chat with special guest, Forbes #1 Most Influential CMO, Bozoma Saint John and Katrina Wong, VP Segment Marketing as they discuss how to resiliently lead and authentically build trust with customers.

Business Leaders

Analyst IDC on CDPs and Modern Data Ecosystems

June 21, 1pm EDT | 10am PDT

Join IDC analyst, Gerry Murray and Twilio Segment GM, Jodi Alperstein as they share insights from the market, customer case studies from Anheuser-Busch, Fox Sports, and Vacasa.

Business Leaders

Cookieless Conversion and the Future of Marketing

June 21, 2pm EDT | 11am PDT

In this joint customer and product deep dive, learn how Twilio Segment and Meta uses cookieless conversion for more return on ad spend (ROAS).

Executive Kickoff

Remarks from Steve Davito

June 22, 12pm EDT | 9am PDT

In the kickoff to CDP Week: Summer Edition Day 2, we’ll hear from Steve Davito, GM for Twilio Data and Growth Platform, who will share the most important learnings we’ve gained from our customers.

Business Leaders

Discussion: 3rd Annual State of Personalization Report 2022

June 22, 12:15pm EDT | 9:15am PDT

Join a discussion with Twilio Engage GM, Kathryn Murphy and Tess Mercer, Head of Marketing Ops at Box on our 3rd annual State of Personalization Report featuring top market trends. Learn key insights on the latest consumer preferences.

Business Leaders

Live Podcast: Good Data, Better Marketing

June 22, 1pm EDT | 10am PDT

A live recording and the official launch of Twilio Segment’s new podcast: Good Data, Better Marketing with Ted Chi, Digital Marketing Executive. Tune in for a conversation on building best-in-class customer experiences in a digital first world.


Deep dive: What’s new for developers

June 22, 2pm EDT | 11am PDT

Learn what we recently launched: next generation libraries and SDKs. This is a deep dive for developers working with Twilio Segment CDP, including insights from three guest speakers: Taylor Cronk, CRM Lead at Orchard, Ramsay Shiells, Tech Lead at BrewDog PLC, and Josh Hicks, Director, Marketing Operations, at Cloudera.


Slices with Segment: Developer Stories and Demo Showcase

June 22, 3pm EDT | 12pm PDT

Our developer community is gathering for an interactive showcase featuring Hunter Medney, Chief Architect, Growth and Ecosystem Data Services at IBM, Ferruccio Balestreri, Co-Founder and CTO at, and Kevin Gammariello, VP Product Analytics & Engagement at Suzy. Whether you're interested in managing your configuration as code or convincing your manager that you need Segment, we'll share ideas here that can help you win.


Panel Discussion: Reaching your Customer Data Maturity

June 22, 4pm EDT | 1pm PDT

Learn the blueprint for your data journey. This live panel, featuring Victoria Hammond, SVP of Marketing at World Finance and George Chen, AVP of Professional Services at Twilio Segment will cover best practices on what companies do at each stage of their customer data maturity.

Executive Kickoff

Remarks from Meir Amiel

June 23, 12pm EDT | 9am PDT

Meir Amiel, Twilio’s new SVP, Data & Growth - R&D, will share how we will ensure Twilio Segment will continue to be easy for marketers and loved by developers.

Business Leaders

Fireside Chat with Twilio CMO Joyce Kim: First Party Data and Beyond

June 23, 12:15pm EDT | 9:15am PDT

In this fireside chat, VP Segment Marketing, Katrina Wong will interview Twilio’s new Chief Marketing Officer, Joyce Kim. They will share why we need to shift to first party data, what to be on the watch for and how you can take a privacy and consumer first approach.


Product Tour: Building Omnichannel Customer Experiences with Twilio Segment CDP

June 23, 1pm EDT | 10am PDT

An interactive demo showing how Veronica Beard builds omnichannel journeys using Twilio Segment CDP followed by a live Q & A.

Executive Closing

Join Elena Donio for Closing Remarks

June 23, 2pm EDT | 11am PDT

Elena Donio, Twilio’s new President of Revenue will send us off with some observations from CDP Week: Summer Edition and why she’s confident that first-party data is the key to the future of customer engagement.

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